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Now...bring me that horizon

fanfiction journal

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  • queen_tuala@livejournal.com
This is my fanfiction journal, since my fanfics were taking up an indecent amount of space in my regular journal (lady_of_elves) and so I can be a little bit more organized. Check out my fanfiction.net page; it's listed as my link - for my other stuff (I'm not posting things that are already up there).

I don't do friends-only posts here, since really I'm posting my work to share with you all, but friending me is cool and appreciated.

Incidentally, all fanfiction is PG-13 or less unless I otherwise mention it.

Reivews are completely adored by me. Constructive criticism is great, and I'll love you if you give it to me. A lot of the things I write I'm not entirely sure if they work, so feedback on those fronts are really useful. I also just like to hear what people think!

I don't write as much fanfiction as I used to, unfortunately, mostly because I'm branching out into original fiction more and more; I'm working on a couple projects there. I mostly just write when I get inspiration, but it's almost all in the Harry Potter fandom, about the Black family.

If you want to navigate my journal, you have two choices: tags or memories. I tag and add to memories every entry as soon as I post it, so whichever one you like better, you can use. If there's any problem or inconvenience, please contact me.

I don't do writing challenges as much as I used to, mostly because of the aforementioned lack of regularity in updates, but who knows what will happen in the future?

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